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Fully Accredited And Certified Tree Felling Company

Experts At Sculpting Trees To Keep Them Neat

While Preserving A Natural Flow

Welcome To Arbor Ascent

Arbor ascent is a company which specialises in tree felling, tree surgery and associated arboreal work. To date all work done has been as a result of strong 'word-of mouth' marketing - a firm testament to the quality of work we do, and our focus on client satisfaction.

All work is carried out by trained professionals who ensure a tidy removal and "thinning out" of all types of trees. Our team follow proper procedures to ensure the survival of trees by using specialised cuts when pruning trees. We are experts at sculpting trees to keep them neat while preserving a natural flow that stimulates healthy tree growth.

Other Services


Alien Plant Removal

Large Scale Felling

Pruning And Shaping

Removal Of Problem Branches

Crown Reduction And Crown Restoration

Root Removal

Stump Removal And Grinding

Plot Clearing

Complete Dead Wood Removals

Palm Tree Shaping And Cleaning

Dead Wood Removals

Chipping & planting of specimen trees
Canopy care: Disease and treatment of insect leaf damage and fungal and bacterial diseases.

About Us

Arbor Ascent is an owner-operated business with solid experience
in forestry and specialized tree felling.

All employees are fully trained and practice strict safety procedures based on the FIETA industry standard and all equipment is fully tested and compliant with all relevant industry safety requirements.

Lee Mager is fully SAFTA qualified and all cuts are performed according to industry best practice.

Tree Felling

We are a fully accredited and certified Tree Felling company. Our staff is all professionally trained and adhere to safety regulations. Equipment is rated to safe working loads, and never pushed beyond its limits.

Every cut performed is cut in the correct way (45 degrees on the branch collar of the tree). We stress the importance of safety. Our climbers are securely roped with professional knots. Heavy branches are always rigged and roped on every cut.

Friction devices and slings are used to minimize the effect that the ropes have on the bark of the tree.


Pruning of trees is probably the most important of all tree maintenance practices.

Correct pruning can do much to reduce the effects of storm damage and prevent insect and disease problems.

Properly pruned shade trees will normally remain healthier and longer than uncared for trees. Insect problems and wood decay often enter a tree through a dead branch or wound. We at Arbor Ascent specialise in pruning trees correctly which minimizes the chances of infections and diseases.

In some situations a tree sealant is required for health growth. We do a health evaluation on every tree.


Transplanting a tree is a very involved process. One of the most important factors when considering transplanting is the new location of the tree. We carefully dig around the tree to ensure that the original soil is kept intact on the root ball. Lateral roots are carefully cut. The “root-ball” is then secured and tightly bound. The tree is then placed on a skid and carefully moved to its new location, where a new hole has been prepared. The tree is then carefully placed in the new hole with all relevant nutrients and malsh required.

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Tel: 076 055 1073


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